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Description: As you know, a new year is a new start, a new start turns into a new era, and a new era is a chance to make history. One thing that has irritated me more than anything else so far this year, however, is the fact that there is so much going on with Nigerian Hip-Hop/R&B music scene, but hardly anyone knows anything. Over the past two months I became acquainted with the Nigerian Hip-Hop/R&B music scene, since the quality of the mainstream music has declined immensely. A lot of albums are dropping, a lot of videos are coming out. How long do you reckon it will take before these Nigerian artists will break through to the mainstream? No one can really say, with all the bad press on Africans associated with terrorism/corruption/poverty (we could talk about that all day), we're setting ourselves back wrongfully. Let's look at the positives of our music for 2010. I've compiled a shortlist of major artists you should look out for: albums, videos and so forth. I hope this will prove insightful and refreshing........ Iworo
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