CRASH KINGS Complete 99 724

Description: CRASH KINGS ~ The biggest little band you can't believe you never heard before. Well now you have. ~+~ This collection includes every 'quality' video I could find that can embed here. ~+~ I suggest headphones or a stereo output, cranked up if and when possible. ~+~ I put selections in descending order of how much I like it and how well it is recorded (A/V). ~+~ I tried to get the best quality I could find. I did include fan videos (many THX Joolz425) after "the Evolution" because that was the only/best version of those songs I could find. [Luvin' "Carry ON" BTW] I think they show how wonderful the live show really is, but BEWARE of over-driven or poor quality audio. ~ +~ I did find a 5 song set at Roxwel that I couldn't embed in this playlist. [[[ Including unreleased "ALL ALONG". Great stuff, very well done ]]].
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