FAQs on streaming music

  1. Why are there so many websites to stream music?

This is because it can get boring for someone to listen to the same playlist on their playlist stored in the phones or electronic devices. With streaming music, the user can have access to any song, any artist and any genre to make listening to music a pleasurable activity. With various websites having a massive comprehensive database of songs – you can listen to many of your favorite tunes as well as discover similar artists.

  1. Is it required to pay to enjoy music online?

No. there are various websites that are absolutely free for users. However there are premium features that are accessible only for paid members – these features could range from additional tracks, more storage space or upload/ download capacity, depending upon the plan you decide upon. Most websites offer great service for either free or a nominal yearly or monthly fee.

2. Why have so many music streaming websites shut down?

BN-DF456_STREAM_G_20140612162817That is because many of those websites were operating illegally by distributing copyrighted music. Nowadays, websites have licensing rights or are in partnership with many record companies and offer them a royalty so that no problems are faced at a later stage.

3. Can I access music on my phone?

Yes. The music can be streamed from your desktop laptop, tablet or your phone so that wherever you are, you have access to unlimited hours of music.

4. What are the advantages of streaming music?

The first and foremost is that you have access to thousands of songs which can be played at the click of a button. If you’re in the mood for some Frank Sinatra or in the mood to bebop your head to some pop, you’ll have it playing in no time. Compare this to your music stored on your phone. You’ll always listen to the same tracks day in- day out until you refresh the list. That in itself is a pain. Now imagine freeing up all that space on your phone from the songs you would’ve downloaded. This gives you more space to store important pictures or videos.

5. How are other websites doing in comparison with YouTube?

YouTube s the giant in the room, but there are places that giant cannot go. With so many users having access to the internet and YouTube, the content sometimes is not of the highest quality. If you really want to listen to good music without a glitch or interruption, there are various websites that stream music to give you an interrupted session of listening to music.

6. Do I need a high-speed internet connection to listen to online music?

Yes. In order to truly enjoy the music without rough and static interruptions it is best to access these websites with enhanced or high speed internet services. Most dial-up modem internet connections will not be able to handle and sustain the required download speed needed for streaming music and are not the effective options.