If You Want To Browse Music, Youtube Is Not The Only Option

Nowdays browsing music on the Internet is very common. One of the best known sources is YouTube website. On YouTube, you may find all kinds of music, modern or older music, classical or club music. But YouTube is not the only option as music website.

YouTube as music website

YouTube is one of the most accessed website for music. Maybe because it is one of the first such websites or maybe because it has become a brand in the video sharing domain, YouTube is used on a large scale around the globe. Even in undeveloped countries that are providing Internet access, YouTube is used as music website. If you are looking for a new release in music, YouTube is the perfect place to seek. For sure that even if a song is released today, tomorrow or maybe earlier, you will find that song on YouTube. The best feature that is provided for users is that feature that permits every individual to upload a video. So, even if the music clip hasn’t been released yet, but you have found that song on the radio, you may put that lyrics on your own video and upload it on YouTube. In this way, a new song may become very fast known around the world.

Other options as music websites

We have to tell you that YouTube is not the only option for you to seek for music. There are plenty of music websites. Some of them are known on a local or regional scale, but there are also such websites that are very well known at international scale. So, you just have to try these websites as new opportunities to find great music. And you will decide if the services provided by these other websites for music are satisfying your expectation or YouTube remains the best option as music website. We will recommend you some other options that you may use, if you don’t know yet these websites. SoundCloud is a worldwide audio platform that is based in Germany and it helps you to record, share or uploads videos. VEVO is another website that was founded in 2009 and it is hosted by two large music companies, naming here Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment. Another recommendation for you is Vimeo, a website that was founded before YouTube, in 2004 and it provides services for upload, share and record music. Tunein is “older” than YouTube and Vimeo; it has been founded in 2002 as a radio and now this website permits to browse music.

Other websites that can help you to browse and find your favourite songs include MySpace, Google Play, Pandora, iHeart, live365, MySpace, Stereomood, Yahoo Music, eMusic, Daily Motion, NPR Music, DayTrotter and Spotify.


As you may see from above, there are many other options that can be used as music websites. YouTube has very good features for its users, but maybe another website will satisfy you more. It is your choice which website for music you will use most. We want just to tell you that there are other several options.

One thing is a staple no matter what I do or where I go. Music. I plug in my headphones and add a bounce to my step as I head to work each day. But so many things have changed since I first started listening to music online. I remember when I used to use Napster. That was my go-to music service provider and I was honestly so lost when they shut down. I’m a little slow when it comes to finding new sites and this caused a pause in my music listening hours.

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