Youtube – Past, Present And Future

We are sure that you know YouTube. It is almost impossible that today, in the era of Internet and communication you have not heard about YouTube. In the following paragraphs our idea is to present you shortly the evolution of YouTube as the main music website on the globe.

A short history of YouTube

YouTube has been founded on 14th of February 2005 in San Bruno, California, United States. The founders of YouTube are three guys: Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim. Under the slogan “Broadcast Yourself” these three guys had founded one of the most used website on the Internet. The idea of the YouTube was to share videos from any part of the world. In November 2006, YouTube was bought by Google. During the time, many new applications were added to YouTube in order to be up-to-date with the technological progress.

YouTube services – What can you do?

YouTube is very often used to listen to music and watch music clips. But you can also watch and listen to a wide variety of videos that are uploaded by individuals or companies. Using YouTube you may create an account and upload your videos. If you are an artist or a singer, YouTube could be one of the best and cheapest ideas for your publicity. Despite the fact that on YouTube everyone can upload a video, the company is fighting for copyrights for each video that is hosted on this website. You may upload a file in different formats, such as .AVI, .MP4, .FLV or .MPEG. But your file should have a maximum 15 minutes long. Using YouTube services as a music website facilitates you the access to recent or old music, but also you can download that songs that you like.

How YouTube future looks like?

Nowadays the Internet applications are used by a huge number of users all over the world. If in the past you were able to access YouTube only on the computer, now you may use YouTube services on your mobile phone and iPhone too. Due to this, the future of YouTube seems to be brilliant. With a history of more than 10 years, YouTube seems to stay high on the most used websites, especially for music. YouTube could be used also in the future as a direct channel to invite individuals to get involved in political decisions, to take part in certain events or to get involved in debates. For example, in 2015 YouTube has launched an application that is dedicated to children. The application is called YouTube Kids and it is aiming to restrict children access to inappropriate content for children or to upload content that could put them in danger. This is indicating that YouTube is focused to stay close to modern issues in the websites content.


We are sure that YouTube is today a very used service on the Internet. And we are sure that in the next years YouTube will be one of the most used websites for music, individual videos or any kind of material that will respect YouTube’s requirements.

One thing is a staple no matter what I do or where I go. Music. I plug in my headphones and add a bounce to my step as I head to work each day. But so many things have changed since I first started listening to music online. I remember when I used to use Napster. That was my go-to music service provider and I was honestly so lost when they shut down. I’m a little slow when it comes to finding new sites and this caused a pause in my music listening hours.

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