Famous music artists that owe their success to YouTube

YouTube has been a haven for many budding musicians, and this has proven to be a great platform for getting noticed by the big players in the music industry. Getting a break into the music industry is not so easy, and before the advent of the internet and YouTube, it was even tougher. However, now artists can upload their videos to YouTube and let fate play its chance. If viewers like your music, it gets shared and you end up generating millions of vies and likes – then you’ll definitely be noticed, immediately catapulting you into fame.

Here are a few famous musicians who owe their success or the start of their music careers to YouTube.

  • Justin-Bieber-Expected-to-Release-Album-in-2015-News-FDRMXJustin Bieber: His case is probably the most famous success story that is thanks to the video sharing platform. Back in 2007 he was just another teenage kid singing away with a proud mother recording all the covers sung by her little kid. After sharing it with friends and family via YouTube, his songs went viral. This led to Scooter Braun, a talent executive ‘discovering’ him and got him recording deals with Usher. The rest is history.
  • Psy: Who hasn’t heard of him and his Gangnam style? This South Korean rapper’s hit single made headlines and broke records around the world largely due to the video sharing website in 2012. This song raked in more than a billion YouTube views and holds a Guinness World Record for the most number of YouTube likes. This record and fame would not have been possible without the support and services of a website like YouTube.
  • qs6xufu2bwarkr6daybhSoulja Boy: This Chicago-born rapper inspired many copycat and spoof videos after this song became viral thanks to YouTube. His hit single, ‘Crank that Soulja Boy’ topped the billboard Hot 100 in 2007. Although the single was released independently, YouTube helped in cementing his popularity.
  • Lana Del Rey: She’s come a long way from her earlier days of living in a trailer park in New Jersey. Now, singing for hit movies like Maleficient, Lana Del Rey is reaping the fruits of her labor. After she released her first album, she uploaded her video for the single ‘Video Games’. This song gained massive popularity with YouTube users and it catapulted her into performing at Saturday Night Live.
  • Gotye: the video clip for ‘Somebody I used to know’ covered by the band Gotye was released and uploaded onto YouTube in 2011. It received nearly half a billion views and this YouTube video music clip grabbed the Grammy Award for Record of the Year too!
  • Katy Perry: Yes, she was already a star in her own right, but YouTube helped cement her success as a musician when her song ‘You’re so Gay’ gained traction with the YouTube crowd. This showed the world that Katy Perry was meant to be a household name. The song, posted on the video sharing website was supposed to be a teaser for her album ‘One of the Boys’.
  • Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: this hip hop duo gained fame after posting their music videos on YouTube and also on other social media websites like Facebook and MySpace. This caused them to release their self produced indie album in 2012 named ‘The Heist’ which made it a number one selling album.
  • Karmin: The lead singer of the band named Karmin stunned YouTube viewers with her style of singing. Her harmonizing abilities and the way she rapped with Fergie style swag got the group media attention, especially after her cover of Chris Brown’s song ‘Look at me now’.


One thing is a staple no matter what I do or where I go. Music. I plug in my headphones and add a bounce to my step as I head to work each day. But so many things have changed since I first started listening to music online. I remember when I used to use Napster. That was my go-to music service provider and I was honestly so lost when they shut down. I’m a little slow when it comes to finding new sites and this caused a pause in my music listening hours.

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