Using Auto Tunes to become the next Rock Star

Not everyone is born with a musical talent or with a voice that sounds like a rock star. We’ve seen all the music streaming websites you could possibly market yourself and promote your music – but how can you make yourself sound better? There are various factors that come into play when making your own recordings – especially if you don’t have the resources or the band members to make an actual band happen. Still interesting in creating your own brand of music? Auto-tune can help you.

What is Auto-Tune?

2_1_AT_Live_screenbigIt is an audio processor that uses a special device to measure and later pitch and tone in vocals and instrumental recordings. Originally created to make people sound better by disguising or correcting off-key notes, it is widely used in the music industry to fine tune a music recording.

How does it work?

It gauges the tone and pitch of your voice and balances or matches it to the nearest semi-tone. Apart from correcting vocals, it can also add special effects like making your voice jump from note to note like a keyboard. The technology detects, analyzes and modifies the pitch in various audio files to finish it better.

When it was first used to become popular?

Do you remember Cher’s song ‘Believe’? Hopefully you know enough about music to realize that many of her notes were digitalized or touched up with special effects to make it sound different. These kinds of special effects make a song more unique and set it apart from the various songs that are on the charts. After Cher’s use of it in her music, Auto-Tune really took off with it being used in many pop recordings and live performances.

Which music artists have widely used Auto-Tune in their music?

Mirwais Ahmadzai used Auto-tune on the complete vocals on his single ‘Naïve Song’, making it the first track to do so. The late 2000s saw a rise in popularity especially after the R&B singer, T-Pain elaborated on it and used it extensively in all his music. Many country stars like Faith Hill, Shania Twain and Tim McGraw also use Auto-Tune in their live performances as it gives an overall better performance and acts like a safety net for the singers. Used by stars like Snoop Dogg, Britney Spears, Rihanna and more – it makes all music sound pitch perfect – which is not always realistically possible.

Many singers and critics feel that this makes all music sound similar to one another. It also makes a singer feel that it is not so important to hit the right notes as everything gets corrected with the software anyway. Music Producer Rick Rubin stated that all pop music today sounded perfect – with perfect pitch, tune and time.

What are the future possibilities?

Even though it has garnered some negative publicity for disguising off key singers and undermining real talent – which means the music industry is suddenly open to singers who are not so talented.  However, there are various ways it can be used. Instead of it being used as a cover up for poor singers, it can be used for its special effects that can enhance the song. Take Cher’s ‘Believe’ for example again. This software helps to augment the musician’s artistic expression. This has become very popular amongst black artists to give them more control over their voice like T-Pain, Kanye West and Lil Wayne. With the going forward with technology in a fast developing world, it is natural that many software will bloom to help music sound better – not only for bad singers, but to give good singers the added touch.

One thing is a staple no matter what I do or where I go. Music. I plug in my headphones and add a bounce to my step as I head to work each day. But so many things have changed since I first started listening to music online. I remember when I used to use Napster. That was my go-to music service provider and I was honestly so lost when they shut down. I’m a little slow when it comes to finding new sites and this caused a pause in my music listening hours.

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