YouTube: The giant in the video streaming industry

If you are thinking of sharing your video clips online or want to watch other videos, this is the go-to place for many internet users. There is nothing bigger than this even though many alternatives to YouTube are popping up now. Started in 2005, it is now a subsidiary of Google and now holds a net worth of over $70 billion.

youtube-logo-full_colorYou can imagine how far spread is YouTube’s reach. It is available in most countries all over the world – unless if the channel has been blocked. The user is able to upload their own home videos, work clips, view the videos and comment or share them via YouTube. It has grown in popularity to the extent that every video you upload to the net will probably be present in YouTube.

The content in YouTube varies from music videos, movie trailers, TV clips, video clips, video blogging. Educational clips and much more. Although majority of the users are individuals from all corners of the globe, major companies and other businesses use this platform to spread awareness on their products too. Many media corporations are part of the YouTube partnership program like Hulu, Vevo, the BBC, CBS and more which means anyone can watch or have access to the videos available on YouTube.

YouTube users can upload their videos which can be up to 15 minutes in length. Users who have a good track record and have a verified account can get their account boosted up to allow the users to upload videos up to 12 hours in length. The 15 minute limit was given because it was revealed that many uploads exceeding this amount were illegal uploads of TV shows. If you are using a browser that is up to date, you will be upload videos that are greater than 20GB. If you’ve ever taken a video and tried to send it to a friend, you’ll realize how heavy video files can be.

As technology advances, so do the innovations in YouTube. There is a youtube_3dfeature that allows users to upload 3D videos. When it comes to accessing content, YouTube is very user friendly. As each YouTube video is connected with an HTML link, it can be used to embed this data into anywhere in the web.  Most video clips cannot be downloaded as this is aimed to viewers to be used as a website interface. This is also a smart move as users will continuously revisit a video link they may like.

Even though you may upload a video online, if there is no copyright attached to the clip, other users may be able to reuse and remix the content. A lot of the videos are streamed on various electronic devices like laptops, computers and now, smart phones. Smart phones have increased the reach of YouTube. YouTube is extremely user friendly and allows many users to use its services for free.

But there is another feature, called YouTube Red, that is the premium version of YouTube and gives subscription users ad-free streaming of all videos – music and entertainment as well as access to exclusive original maxresdefaultcontent.

YouTube has been used as a free promotional platform for music labels and music artists. If you are an artist in today’s digital era – it is vital that you have good responses on YouTube and other social media. In 2013, videos of artists labeled as “megastars” (which make up 2.5% of artists) generated more than 90% of relevant views on this streaming website and Vevo. To understand the impact of YouTube on music channels, by 2013 Billboard announces that data generated through streaming videos on YouTube would be taken into calculation for the Billboard Hot 100 and other charts. Many artists have gained fame and popularity because of YouTube – when their music videos were posted on YouTube and attention was drawn to it by the amount of views. Artists like Justin Bieber, Lana Del Rey, Gotye and more can attribute their start to YouTube.


One thing is a staple no matter what I do or where I go. Music. I plug in my headphones and add a bounce to my step as I head to work each day. But so many things have changed since I first started listening to music online. I remember when I used to use Napster. That was my go-to music service provider and I was honestly so lost when they shut down. I’m a little slow when it comes to finding new sites and this caused a pause in my music listening hours.

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